About Eudoxia Education Tunisie

Integration and support services for future students and workers are essential for a successful transition. Eudoxia W.E.S, through its extensive partners and network, offers these services to individuals looking to study and work in various countries like Malta, Dubai, UK, India, and more. With offices in Tunis, Dubai, and Montreal, Eudoxia W.E.S provides comprehensive assistance to ensure a smooth and fulfilling experience for its clients.

About Us

A qualified team to meet your needs

Welcome to Eudoxia Education Tunisie, a dynamic company that specializes in education and professional training services for foreign students and workers. We are a subsidiary of Eudoxia Worldwide Education Specialists, a Canadian company with a solid reputation in the field of international education.

At Eudoxia Education Tunisie, we understand that each student has different educational needs and desires. That is why we offer a personalized approach to help our clients achieve their academic and professional goals, working closely with our partners in Canada. We pride ourselves on providing superior educational services to help our clients achieve their full potential.

We are passionate about our clients success and we value their satisfaction. That’s why we are committed to exceeding their expectations by providing high quality services and working in partnership with leading educational institutions and employers in Canada. We believe that our clients can successfully achieve their academic and professional ambitions, and we are here to help them do so.

We are proud of our company and our commitment to our clients. If you are looking to further your education or career abroad, we are here to help. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your plans and how we can help you make them a reality.”

Let us take care of your domestic applications

Our Mission

Helping you make your dreams come true

At Eudoxia Education Tunisia, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to our clients, from the preparation of their application to their arrival in their country of study and beyond. We are here to answer all of our clients’ questions, help them obtain the required documents, advise them on programs and educational institutions, and accompany them through all stages of their enrollment process.

We also stay in touch with our clients once they have started their study or work abroad program to ensure that they are adapting well to their new environment and to help them solve any problems that may arise. Our goal is to ensure that our clients feel supported and safe throughout their stay abroad.