What is the procedure for studying in Canada?

What is the procedure for studying in Canada?

April 18, 2023

In order to study and stay in Canada for 6 months or more, the first step is to obtain admission to a designated Canadian educational institution recognized by the Government of Canada. Only designated institutions can be used to support an application for a study permit. Once a letter of admission is received from a designated institution, the applicant may be able to apply for a study permit. Applications can be made online or by mail from outside Canada.

All new study permits are issued at a Canadian port of entry. An applicant who has submitted an application to a Canadian visa office abroad will receive a letter of introduction advising them to travel to a Canadian port of entry to have the study permit issued in their passport. A study permit should be issued for the duration of the applicant’s studies.

Foreign nationals from certain countries or territories must also obtain a temporary resident visa (TRV) to enter Canada. In the case of overseas applications, if the application for a study permit is approved, a TRV will be automatically issued. There is no separate fee or application for the TRV. The same procedure applies to overseas applications by visa-exempt foreign nationals, who will need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before entering Canada by air.

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